ATH ATH - Assisting The Homeless



ATH is always looking for volunteers, help with fund raising events, ideas on how to raise the awareness of the homeless and of course donations to help the homeless.


Board of Directors:

Katie Zimmerman (708-784-0807)

Sean Conboy (708-612-1914)

Tom Hinshaw (630-926-2440)

Justin Hinshaw (708-837-6078)

Garrett Hinshaw (708-205-6575)

You Can Help Now...  Find out How


The purpose of ATH - Assisting the Homeless is an organization to help the homeless by lending assistance and generating financial resources for the needs of the homeless.  This focus will be on assisting homeless organizations near ATH headquarters in the Chicago area, but we do assist homeless organizations in areas local to our donators as well.


If you have any questions, please contact us.